We are map makers, geographers, artists, activists and residents of Dublin.

Mapping Green Dublin is a collaborative action research project led by UCD’s School of Geography in collaboration with arts organisation Common Ground, artist Seoidín O’Sullivan and event facilitators Connect the Dots. It will take place across Dublin 8 from 2019 – 2020 and is funded by the EPA.

Mapping Green Dublin’s first task is to map the span and territories of trees and green space across Dublin 8, identifying their location and quality, identifying green space deficits and future needs.

Mapping Green Dublin‘s series of curated events from March – May 2020 will map out a proposed process for co-creating urban greening solutions focussing more on local identity and the possibilities for future creation. A co-created greening plan from the bottom-up ensures that greening interventions respond to neighbourhood needs, have high social and cultural value within the community and maximise opportunities for urban wellbeing.

Mapping Green Dublin’s research aims to identify specific areas for focused greening interventions.  An anticipated deliverable from this action research project is a process map to enable local authorities and other policymakers to engage with local communities and develop bottom-up approaches to appropriate urban greening.

What we mean by ‘green’:  an interconnected network of greening that encompasses parks, streams, gardens, rivers, hedgerows, trees, sports pitches, ponds, weeds, verges, green roofs and walls…(all green and blue (water) spaces in the study site of Dublin 8).