How we did it

Building a community greening strategy

Mapping Green Dublin was undertaken in three distinct stages each with its own distinct methodology. 

The first stage can broadly be described as Tree Mapping. This was mostly completed by September 2020 and used Geographical Information Systems (GIS) software to digitise the urban ‘forest’ and assess its ecosystem services. This work was completed for the entire Dublin City Council area. We then focused on the Dublin 8 study area, generating scientific evidence, to support community capacity-building. 

Next we engaged in the Co-creation and community mapping phase. Over more than one year, we engaged in focus groups, participatory mapping exercises, critical art engagement practices, and online survey questionnaires to gather community greening ideas, recommendations, and project ideas. 

In the final phase, Action, we used design thinking methods to run an urban prototyping workshop to support project development with members of the community. We also undertook semi-structured interviews with more than a dozen policymakers, key landholders, and urban practitioners to test the community recommendations and identify specific pathways and actions to realising the community vision.