Our Co-creation process

The ethos underpinning Mapping Green Dublin is that scientific evidence can be effectively used by communities to engage with policymakers and professional urban experts in order to develop more liveable and inclusive urban neighbourhoods. Data collected in Phase 1 of the project – Tree Mapping – was presented at three community events from November 2019 – August 2020. 

  1. Two focus group events with local residents and individuals working in the area in Nov/Dec 2019;
  2. An open community launch event held at Inchicore College for Further Education on March 7th 2020; and 
  3. An urban prototyping event held on August 15th 2020.

The scientific team created a comprehensive map of trees and greenspaces, and an associated dataset that included location, size and species of tree in order to inform the community of the ecosystem services in their neighbourhood.

This generated demands for other data, such as traffic flows, from community members which the MGD team provided to enable wider public engagement. Visuals such as the maps proved highly effective in communicating complex concepts and ideas beyond a scientific audience. Our summary map presentation can be viewed here before you explore each of our co-creation stages illustrated below.

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