Research Programme

Our March & April 2020 public research events are suspended at this critical time. We’re busy finding a new way to gather your thoughts on the future of our green and blue spaces and further information will be available here and @DublinGreening. Thank you for all your  incredible support so far.
The MGD Team

OUR LAUNCH Event: March 7th 2020


Creating co-ordinates for collective futures.

PLOTS  creates an active site of communal mapping, exploration and gathering. It acts as part of the research programme for Mapping Green Dublin. Combining the tools of geographical field work and mapping with artistic walking and drawing methodologies participants collectively and playfully create a deep mapping of Dublin’s South West Inner City.

Located at her art studio The Lodge, Common Ground on the corner of Goldenbridge Cemetery, Inchicore from February 2020 to May 2020 artist Seoidin O’Sullivan alongside geographer Alma Clavin will be activating a number of themed walks, talks and communal mapping exercises building an Atlas for PLOTS.

The walks will be led by different geographers, ecologists and local activists  who will share tools and knowledge on various land knowledges, geographies, ecologies and ways of mapping. PLOTS will creatively develop maps, plans and plot towards building future connected and critical ecologies of people, place and planet. During this time of climate crisis we need to plot new imaginaries and co-ordinates for just and ecological ways of being in our cities.

PLOTS project themes are: Critical Mapping Practices; Critical and Feminist Spatial Practice; Greening the City; Climate Justice; Emotional Mapping; Community Gardens; Ecologies; Biodiversity; The Commons.

Our extensive programme of research will become available between March – June – watch this space.